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Cool: Banana Split


& 2012 Eden

Cool: Banana Split

At home with a cold (and bonus laryngitis) - it's winter here! But this was a fun layout to do - I'm dreaming of summer, my niece is dreaming of other cool things!

PWR_StCroix Paper
Joshua Uruh: In the Defense of the Ice Cream Cone: Ice Cream Cones
Fanpop: Banana Split
SurfWomen.com: Girl Surfing
Photo: Eden
Fonts: Impact and PT Banana Split
Style: PSE9 Wow-Neon Off
Style: ACU_Styles_Splashed

    Lovely photos, extractions and colors. I love the heart and title. Such a clever layout. Wow!
    Love the surfing banana split - how creative! Great colors and I love your colorful title!
    This layout is amazing! I love all of the colors :)
    Gorgeous colors and blending! I love the fonts, the styles, and especially the lovely photo of your niece. Fun and exuberant page!
    fabulous page. fun and cue and cool!
    Oooo...I've had my eye on those styles for a while...I like your bright, cheerful "Cool" and the transparent hearts.
    Putting the extracted photos in the transparent heart is COOL! Love it and thanks for using my SS Styles: Splashed:)
    Super page, Eden! So sorry you're not feeling well, but this page made me smile. Great extraction and I really like the bold colors of your layout. :)
    Oooh, fun and pretty! I love what she's thinking about there in the pool, lol:)
    Love the dream bubble-super clever! Love the whole idea and the bright colors as well.