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Sat Color Challenge 6/30: Big Wheels

Sat Color Challenge 6/30: Big Wheels

Better late than never! This LO is a combination of heritage and modern, as I found similar family photos that were taken generations apart!

Products used:
CVA_SSTools_Scripts_File Save1(retired)
MRE_SS_Actions_PhotoBasics (used to enhance scanned photos and match colors)

    This is priceless! What is it about boys/men and wheels? :D

    I love how you did the layout. The colors and photos effects give it a heritage look, yet the design is modern. I love the heritage frame around the old photo and the way you've attached a heart to the arrow. There are so many wonderful details here! Fabulous layout!
    I really love the colors that you used here. There is so much to see, I love it. The photos are lovely and the design really eye catching.
    Wonderful! Love the old and new side by side. Your use of the embellishments is masterful. Love it!
    This is a great template for your subject - just a little edgy, to go with the boys theme. Turning the photos into sepia really made the differences melt away, too. And who knew you could use lace on a masculine layout! Good job! This is a great use of the challenge colors. I'm so glad you took this one on - it's never too late!