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Saturday 7/7 Color Challenge


Melissa Regelin-Sweetman 2012

Saturday 7/7 Color Challenge

This was taken on my Grand daughter's first birthday and First time in a Pool!!

    Looks like she really enjoyed her pool experience! Sweet photos. :) Lovely layout, and I especially like your pool-blue background.
    Adorable photos - I like how you cropped them and your background and title looks great.
    Adorable photos! I like the round pictures with the round sun.
    What a cutie pie. Looks like they are both enjoying time in the pool. Pretty background and photo cut-outs.
    Sweet page. Nice trio of circles. Looks like your granddaughter was enjoying it - as long as Mommy was right there!
    Look at that curly head! How sweet. I like the sun in the corner. We took our girls to the pool for the first time on their first birthday too. Wonderful memories! Thanks for joining the challenge.
    She's so sweet. I love all the circles and the font. Lovely layout.