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All American Cowboy 7/4 HNC

All American Cowboy  7/4 HNC


You asked me to make you a cowboy shirt so you could be just like an American cowboy. I found fabric that had stars and one that had stripes. You said that would be just right. I got your shirt made in time for you to wear it to your Dad & Momís annual BBQ. You wanted to keep your cowboy hat on all the time and would not rearrange it, but insisted on keeping it pulled down on your ears. You played and danced and had a great time and you really were like an All American cowboy - right down to that stubborn streak!
Jake Sept. 95

ACA Paper Earthy
AFT LifeMontagePaper
BMU Countryside Paper
BMU Countryside Star
BMU Kensington Ribbon
BMU Zoomba Paper
DEB DynBrush Rustic Stitches
JSM TypePaths Shapes Plu
MST Styles Embed1801

Details in EXIF

    How cute is he??? :D I love the shirt (you talented lady, you) and, of course, the colors are perfect. Love the journaling inside the star and the punch of color in the striped edge, too. Also great OOB.
    Oh, I love how you used the ribbon and the type path - and what a fun shirt. It works perfectly with the challenge too. :)
    Just love everything about this layout! First off -- Jake! What a cutie! Second the story behind it! Then there is the wonderful "oobing" you did with him; the type path star, your title and the stitching gives it the perfect accent! A truly fabulous 4th of July layout!!
    What a great layout! I love that adorable photo and your journaling and story is wonderful! Your extraction is great and I really like your journaling on the star. Wonderful page! :)
    Jake is something else! Boy is he confident, proud and adorable. Loved your journaling and how that sweet hat does sit on his ears! Great shirt and what a wonderful person you are for making it for him. Love the shiny stars and all of your stripes and stitching. How fun!
    Fabulous layout! You turned a small number of papers and elements into a wonderful page! I love the extraction and the colors go great with your photo. The star-shaped journaling is fun, too.
    Neat layout! Great OOB & I like the way you used the little stars & the partial one for your journaling. The striped border is a great touch, too. Love the hat!
    Wow, where to start. The shirt and hat is great. He looks so cute. I love the journaling in the star and you used your colors so well. It really is a lovely layout. My favorite part is the OOB. Love the stitching, stars and stripes. Just love the whole layout.
    Love this! Everything!
    great extraction...nice job on the shirt, and ouch I'd think his ears would hurt being bent down like that, but who says "beauty" is comfortable?