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Fourth of July Sodas-July ATC Swap

Fourth of July Sodas-July ATC Swap

We had few extras when I was growing up, so the case of mixed sodas my Dad faithfully brought us, along with a watermelon, on July 4th was a big deal to us. Dad worked oilfield before daylight until late at night, so we didn't see him a lot for periods of time.

Supplies in EXIF: Thanks for looking!

Morning Limerick BTN Font

    You're quick! Wonderful memory. Great use of the frames and the lifted label.
    What a lovely memory and great ATC :)
    What a beautiful card and sweet memory, Jean! I like your photos (I remember my grandparents getting soda delivered in wooden boxes like that!) and I really like the colors you used. Enjoyed your journaling and remembering, too. Great ATC. :)
    What a great memory to treasure, Jean! Love your card! Beautifully done!
    Memories. Nice card design - I like the bit of stripe & the stars.
    Wow, those pictures bring back memories! I remember those wooden boxes so well! Great card!
    Love this! Pop (as we called soda) was a rare treat for us, too. We always got orange, grape or some fruit flavor. When I got old enough to buy my own, Coke in a bottle was always my choice. Your card is a lovely trip down memory lane!
    How fun! Love those stamp frames. What a great memory! When I was a kid NeHi sodas were popular, grape and orange. But, of course, living in east Texas meant you had to LOVE Dr. Pepper.
    What a super memory! I love your card, too, Jean! Yep, I remember those bottles, too and the different flavors. Since my Dad liked soda, ("tonic" we called it in New Hampshire) I admit to being spoiled by being able to drink it pretty often.
    I love the Americana feel to your card, especially the circles that look like patriotic coasters. Great ATC!
    Brilliant memory, love the background and the frames for your pictures.