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Thursday 7-5 Challenge

Thursday 7-5 Challenge

Journaling:I went to GiraffeHOuse with Aunty Belle, Bianca and Nikki. I saw a Bearded Dragon, Hissingcockroach, snakes, meerkats,goats and a giraffe.I loved the monkeys the most but I'm so glad I get to travel the world and thatI'm not in a cage.

I didn't like thesnakes so much but the giraffe was really beautiful. It was a lovely day. Thankyou Aunty Belle.

It's very cold and raining at the moment so I can't get out much. I hope that I'll be able to get out more by next weekend.
I used 7 photos and a five word title.

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SBA Basic Shadows6501; AWI_SS_EmbTmplt_LittleZoo2_GiraffeRollers; EHI Creative Spirit 5401

    Such a fun cheerful page, Belle! I think Huck will not want to leave South Africa for the wonderful time you are showing him. Love your great photos and I enjoyed reading about Huck's adventures in his own words. I really like the cute giraffe and cheerful colors you used and your brushwork is great. :)
    I laughed out loud at Huck's view of the park... especially how he likes the monkey's best... he certainly seems to belearning a lot! Great photo of Nikki with the Bearded Dragon and fun one of Huck hanging around! Nice design and balance to the page.
    Oh, Belle - did Huck finally get to South Africa? You must have been thrilled. Great photos & even better journaling. He's a fun guest, isn't he?
    Looks like you are spoiling Huck... and I imagine he's enjoying himself. I'm not sure I'd like the hissing cockroach, but a giraffe must have cool to see. I love your photos and the great background and giraffe embellie.
    oh my, what a cute LO of Huck and his vacation! Fun!!!
    How fun. Love the photos of Huck on his adventure. The shots showing the back of his head as he views the exhibits is a great touch. I know he is having a great time in South Africa.
    Belle, this would make a good children's book! Put your pages together. Great layout. Love the journaling!!!
    Yay, Huck! Looks like you are all having the time of your lives! :) What a fun and very eye-catching page Belle!
    How fun for you all! Huck looks like he is having a great time! I love your layout, too. The photos are so fun and the embellishments are perfect! Thanks for joining the challenge!