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Tuesday Freebie Chain Necklace

Tuesday Freebie Chain Necklace


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BMU_Grandparents_EMB_CP-4; SBA Basic Shadows6501; EHI Creative Spirit Style

    Belle, this is wonderful! How nice to see Huck having fun with Aunty Belle and the giraffes but I am so jealous that he gets to visit SA and meet and play with you. Wish I could too!
    I really like how you strung up your photos and the lavendar background you used - Huck must love that! Great LO and thanks for keeping us up on Huck's activities. :)
    He is certainly enjoying his time with you Belle and love the use for the chain :)
    Hee hee this is super!! Huck is so lucky - seeing giraffes in their natural country... love the colours used to tie in with Huck and the colours you used for the title and background that work so well with the chain... Nice way to use the Joy Word art too!
    Pretty layout. The photo hanging off the chain are a neat idea. Great to see you with Huck. Those giraffes are something, aren't they?
    Great photos! I like the way you dangled the word art and pinned the photos to the chain. The curled photos and edge are nice touches, too. Fun page!
    Great photos of the three of you. I love the way you clipped them to the WA necklace with Huck-colored clothespins.
    How cool that you are in the country touring and seeing the animals in their natural environment. I love the giraffes and especially the dainty middle photo..isn't she pretty!
    Huck has got to love this pretty purple page (love the purple clothespins.) Very pretty word art title and the giraffe framed in "joy" is lovely. What I wouldn't give for eyelashes like that - but then, buying neck scarves would keep me broke - lol.
    Good job, Belle, I like using the chain to hand the good photos.
    I see HUCK!! Looks like you are taking good care of him!! I really like the way you used the chain to hang the letters and the way you used the "o" as a frame. Beautiful giraffe! I also like the way you used the clothespins to clip the photos! Thanks for participating!