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June 2012 Hybrid ATC: Beauty of Nature.

Here's my June Hybrid ATC.

I took both photos in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ Marina - riding on a boat out to my cousin's sailboat. I used blending modes on both pics along with a background from Ang's Iridescence Collection to create the colors/luminosity on the photos. I also used Brandy Murry's painting textures to give a circle texture to the front of the card and glittered the wake from the boat so it would sparkle as it did in the sun. The dolphin is an actual 3D dolphin brad.

I had a lot of fun creating this card. :)


For this ATC I used:

BMU SS Styles Painting textures

ACA Iridescence Collection Biggie

EBA ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Artist Trading Cards (for printing the cards)

and my own photos

I also used BMU Coastal Collection Biggie background for this layout.

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LOVE your card,Marilyn! The pictures are great, but the "live and in person" version is just stunning, so much texture. Very happy to have this one on my collection.

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Gorgeous ATC Marilyn, and it's even more beautiful "in person". The photos, colors and sparkle are just wonderful. I'm so happy to have one of them.

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This is such a gorgeous hybrid ATC! Your photos are wonderful and I love the jewel-like colors. The effect is spectacular in person, especially with the perfect touch of glittery wake. Thank you so much for my copy!

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Oh, how I love the blues and greens in your beautiful ATC, Marilyn! It's soothing to the soul and I agree with Diane - the glittery effect of that beautiful water is awesome! Wonderful photos and darling little dolphin jumping through the air. You make such pretty ATCs!

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How gorgeous is this! Love your use of the iridescence and the glitter to create that warm sparkley beauty. The dolphin is perfectly placed. Just wonderful.

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