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Smell of the Sea

Smell of the Sea

The smell of the sea reminds me of my childhood summers, when we spent everyday on the beach. I had a few troubles finding the right embellishments, I didn't grow up by a tropical beach, I needed smelly seaweed!

Supplies used

Seaweed embellishments by Carena,
Fonts used- CK Maternal & CK Olden Days

    Beautifully done ATC, Valerie! I love that your memory is about the smell of the sea - I think your embellishments are just perfect for your card!
    Haha.. I know what you mean Valerie! I just spent a few days at the beach with seaweed and different looking shells than the tropical ones. :) Love your ATC - you did a great job and I really like your journaling/title. I can SOOOooo relate to smelling that salt air. Beautiful card. :)
    I grew up living right near the Chesapeake Bay, in North Beach Md. This wonderful layout does make me think of home!! Posted ImageThanks for the bringing up some great memories!!
    Beautiful card! I love everything about it but admit that the word "Home" is what drew my eye. Beautifully done.
    BTW, I grew up by the New Hampshire seacoast, (north-east part of the US) so I understand what you mean by smelly seaweed, LOL.
    Valerie, this is just gorgeous! Glad you looked for the right embellishments...these are just perfect. Love your title treatment. Another great card to add to my collection.
    Beautiful ATC, Valerie.
    Very pretty Valerie. Love all of the beach elements that you used and the background of sand and sea foam is wonderful. The ocean has a salty smell and tang to it.