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Capt. John Mon 7/9 SubtleApproach

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Had to really work on this one - tried some blending I had not done before. I used a mask instead of an eraser because I always have to go back and change something and masking is easier for me.



You are never happier than when you are in your boat and on the water. Summer is your season and water is your element.

You believe the boat has one speed - turbo fast. But you can be very patient when the little ones want to go tubing. Your best times and memories are on the water.



ABR ScenicRoute Paper

BMU Coastal Collection

BMU BasicBottles

BMU Edgers

BMU Styles AgedMetals_2

DEB BrushSet RoughEdges


Details in EXIF

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Photo Information for Capt. John Mon 7/9 SubtleApproach

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I love this page! Fantastic photo and I love how you created the soft blended background. Nicely done! Thanks for participating in the challenge!

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Lovely page Betty and your background and blending is gorgeous. I enjoyed your journaling and your photo is great. ::

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Ah... masking. Now why didn't I think of that? I had to delete and re- erase a dozen times! Thanks for the tip.


It turned out great! I love the photo and the whole nautical feel of the page. I especially like the bottom border and the bottle. Lovely page!

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I like the way you used the mask to fade out parts of your background paper. The journaling in the bottle is a fun idea. I like the other nautical elements you added, too. Great page!

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Wow... besides what everyone else said, i notice the ropes along the bottom of the page too. That's a beautiful photo, and you've done great work blending it into the striped background and the little image of the paper with writing. Just curious, why did you include that? Any special significance?

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