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Baking with Nan

Baking with Nan

I'm sure we all have memories of baking with someone, for me it was my Nan. No matter what she was baking, she would always let me help. She loved making pies, cakes, buns (a bit like muffins) and biscuits ( a bit like cookies). I still used the mixes my Nan taught me, all those years ago.

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    Yes, Valerie, I sure have fond memories of baking with mom and sis ... great memory! Beautiful card!!
    I remember baking too. This is a wonderful memory card. Beautifully scrapped.
    I think we can all relate to that kind of happy memory. I'm so glad you scrapped it! Lovely card. I especially like Nan's photo on the label. It reminds me of labels we've sometimes attached to food gifts ("Home made by..."). Lovely ATC!
    What a wonderful memory for you to scrap, Valerie! I was very happy to see this! I agree with Diane - love the photo of Nan on the label - that is such a nice touch for this treasured memory of yours. Very special ATC for you to be proud of.
    Just lovely Valerie and what a sweet memory. I really like how you included your Nan's photo. Wonderful ATC.
    I love how you have included your Nana in the tag just a beautiful ATC
    My Grandmother used to let us 'help' her bake. Your ATC brings back fond memories for me. I really like the photo of your Nan. Love that pie, it looks just scrumptious.