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HNC Textures - Who is Awesome

HNC Textures - Who is Awesome

Believe it or not, this photo was taken by Kiahna my 3 year old. She managed to get a wonderful photo of Matty with a natural smile, something I struggle with.

Hope it's got enough texture.

Supplies used


    Wow, she did a great job. I like to have my daughters take photos of my son because he gives them different expressions that he does for me. :) Love all the texture in your background. Fantastic page!
    ooh love your background texture...
    Beautiful layout! Good photo, too!
    Valerie this is wonderful. Looks like there is another photographer in the family!
    Wow - she took a great photo! I love that background -- and plan to check out the Scratches Grids you mentioned. Is that what gave it the great texture? Lovely cluster, and I like the added touch of the stitching as well. Wonderful page!
    Amazing LO and the texture is outstanding. It looks like I could feel the texture if I ran my finger over the screen. Great job!
    Gorgeous page - Kiahna has a real photography future ahead, great photo. Your textured background is fabulous. Great cluster around and under the pic.
    Oh wow what awesome textures you have used here. Just beautiful.
    Wow, guess what she is going to do when she grows up. I love the photo and the texture of the bg paper. Lovely layout.