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Friday Challenge 6 July (Graduation)

Friday Challenge 6 July (Graduation)

My brother's commencement ceremony was smack on the day of the challenge! The blood type C reference really is a running joke in my brother's cohort, as their main programming language is C++. Also, it just so happens that most of the things my brother loves also start with C, like computers, coffee, chips, chocolate, cookies... though unfortunately, CALORIES too. =P

i've also done a bit of what we're supposed to do for this Monday's challenge, though not with patterned paper. My 'busy' background was actually the shot of all the graduands in their robes and mortarboards taken from above and behind, which i then overlaid with the cream background and erased away.

    I like the way you blended the photos. The way you added the university logo makes it look like an ad for the university. Very professional. Nice job!
    I love layouts like these. It's so cool how you can blend your modern pictures into something that looks so classic.
    Lovely page! This has a vintage feel with your photo editing. The purple and gold add nice touches of color; are those the school colors? I like how you blended the group photo and paper above into a subtle background. The journaling is very amusing! Congratulations to the the grad!
    Thanx for the encouraging comments folks! Actually, the school colours are a horrendous dark blue and bright orange. The photographers employed by the school for the ceremony stuck with the colours for their portrait colour scheme and used horrible lighting to boot, so the original photo was, erm, not very nice. But that is all i have, and to rescue it i went vintage. And then i really wanted to use that element cluster, so i just went along with those colours for the rest of the layout. =)

    And i just remembered one more C that my brother absolutely loves - CURRY!
    Nice layout. I got a chuckle out of the programming to code quote as I do a little programming myself. The blended background looks great. Congratulations to your brother.
    I agree with everyone - your blended photos are superb. I love how you used the "from the back" pic of the rows of graduates in such a way that it adds a design element to the photo but it doesn't take over. We all have those pics but who knows what to do with them - a sea of people all dressed alike! And the journaling - hilarious! I'm going to have to share that with the computer guys in my family now.
    Very beautiful layout. You must be very proud of your brother. I love your blending and the embellishments add such texture. Congratulations!
    Beautiful page and congratulations to your brother! Gorgeous background blending.
    Wonderful work on your brother's graduation. I also really like your photo treatment and journaling. Fantastic blending of the photos and background.
    Lovely photo of you brother and great blending. I love the journaling and the notes. Really great layout.