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A Friend's Wedding


Melissa Regelin-Sweetman 2012

A Friend's Wedding

Late at night .... when I can't sleep .... I sometimes get creative. This is tonight's creation.

    Amazing page. You should stay up late more often!
    That's lovely - amazing what creative vibes come to you in those wee small hours!
    Wow... lovely! And the box effect is certainly unusual. i agree with staying up late, in fact that's when i get most of my scrapping done too. =)
    Well, I see your creativity magically appears at night too! Fabulous layout - I just love the box effect you've scrapped so beautifully! Wow!
    VERY nice! Love the 3-D box and beautiful photo. :)
    Love the 3-D box! Such a beautiful layout. Definitely gorgeous!!!
    That is totally awesome. Care to write a tutorial on how you did that??!!
    I agree with the above--awesome!
    Posted ImageThank You for all the kind words. I'll write up steps on how to do it tonight.
    I love the cube and would love to no how you did it. Beautiful photo. Well done.