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Tuesday Freebie and Saturday Color Challenge

Tuesday Freebie and Saturday Color Challenge

I'm so behind with my challenges that I decided to combine these two. I can't sleep so this is not my best work. 3:45am. Some of the photos my son took on his scuba diving holiday in Sodwana.
CRO_SSEmb_CherishedTreasures_Special_Frame; BMU_Yesteryear_EMB_Frm_Fld-4; EBA_TealZeal_Paper_Lace1; ABR_Event09_SSDL-AlbSer7_PG5

BMU_Blue_Roses; SBA Sand 6501 Style; SBA Basic Shadows6501; MAD_DigiSt_FishTank_Goldfish1; ASO_MessyGlitter_EmblBiggie_Splat-Purple

MAD_DigiSt_FishTank_Coral; BMU_Seascape_EMB_FoamBorder; BMU_Seascape_EMB_BuriedBottle; BMU_Blue_Roses

    Oh WOW!!!! I absolutely love this!!! So colorful, so bright, and yet so calming too!!! Love the combo of the real and the cartoonish...it really is a well designed page! Well done!! I love watching fish. When we lived near an aquarium, we would get season passes so we could go any time, and we would sometimes go just to sit on the floor and watch the fish for a few hours. It's amazing how calming that activity can be!
    Love the colors here, Belle. Vibrant! Amazing photos too. I'm glad you could join in our challenge....even so early in the morning. Hope you get some rest!
    Wow, Belle this is super! Love those spectacular photos - so vivid and colorful! Also really like how you framed and arranged them and the cluster at the bottom with the wave splash is just wonderful. Great layout! :)
    Great photos Belle! I really like the sand style you used on the splats! Great clustering on the bottom border! Thank you for participating!
    Just gorgeous. The photos are awesome & I love the layout. The background is perfect. Love the tilted frame. The foam & coral are such nice touches & that fish has such a funny expression. Great job.
    Good job, Belle. I'm going through the same thing.You had some great photos to work with!
    Belle, this is simply outstanding. . . every single part of this layout is amazing. I LOVE it.