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Jenrou_Grilled Asparagus_Rafts-July Swap 2012

Jenrou_Grilled Asparagus_Rafts-July Swap 2012

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    Such a pretty card, Jean and the recipe sounds so yummy. I love asparagus so will have to try this one! Great layout. :)
    Lovely card :) I have never grilled asparagus before but this sounds yummy :)
    Love the green color you used and your recipe sounds wonderful. What a lovely change from steaming (especially when it is so hot.)
    This sounds so good- and looks really easy too. Pretty card!
    I will definitely be trying this one :partytime2: . Love your card.
    Ooooh, I love asparagus and your recipe sounds yummy! What a pretty presentation these "rafts" would make to serve! Love the card!
    Great card. Next time Asparagus is on sale I will have to try this one.
    Cute! I like the way you included a picture of the rafts! I love grilled asparagus!
    This is different. I like it.