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Pool is Open 7/17 Freebie

Pool is Open 7/17 Freebie

DH did a lot of heavy construction re-plumbing our pool this year. Finally open (you noticed I didn't say, "All finished!")

BMU BeesKnees Tag
BMU Squirt Papers
BMU Zoomba Leaves
DEB AYOZoom Fascination ColorStrip
STI AYO-Zoom Joyous

Details in EXIF

    So lovely, Betsy. the colors are so pretty; love the yellow-green "pop" of contrast.
    Excellent work! Great arrangement with the circles and the clustering around the strong vertical!
    What you did with the pictures is perfect! The whole layout looks like I could jump right in!
    Love your blues and yellow greens and your creative signs about the pool being open. Great insert of the color swatch too!
    Beautiful page, Betty. Love the vertical orientation of your page...and that teally blue is one of my VERY favorites. THe detail I ilk the best is the little bit of sparkle over the swirl. Lovely!
    The freebie really works well with thewatery theme of your page. Great work.
    This is fantastic, i love it.
    Very pretty layout. The photos are great and I really like how you framed them. I like how you centred the photos and freebie along the strip. Your signs are great.
    I love the freebie here - it reminds me of bubbles coming up from the bottom of the water. Beautiful photos (love that cool-looking dude duck!) and wonderful summery colors. Great page! I hope the pool is totally, completey, absolutely finished before the snows come next winter.
    Lovely page!! The background is PERFECT!! I really like the circle photos and the vertical arrangement of them and the clustered embellishments!! It's definitely pool weather!!