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Saturday Color Challenge - 7-21-12 -- New Neighbors

Saturday Color Challenge - 7-21-12 -- New Neighbors

Today's Color Challenge is to use GREEN and BROWN in your LO.

This LO is about the herd of musk oxen that decided to come into town and set up camp for a day or two in the field across the street. It was great to see them so close...and they weren't interested in us at all (not always the case). I couldn't help myself and took TONS of photos. So fun!

SBA_Styles_Basic Shadows;

    Wow, Debbie, what a sight to see off your deck! Don't you love it when nature's wildlife allows you some upclose views into their lives? Beautiful LO!
    Wow, Debbie. I'm so glad you took a load of photos so we could see them. What a super look into life in Alaska. I so enjoyed looking through your beautiful pics - what gorgeous scenery and interesting new neighbors! I love how you used the larger photo as background an the smaller ones across the sky. Your journaling is super and fun to read and I like it in white - have to remember that!
    Wonderful layout! :)
    Wow, how awesome this must be. Love the photos and how you used it as a background. Lovely layout.
    This is spectacular. You got some wonderful shots. Love the face on closeup. The way you placed your photos over the top to the page with the big view as background looks great.
    How cool is this? Wow. I love seeing all your pictures. Great journaling, too!
    Oh my - what a special treat for you, and for us because you shared. Thank you!
    That is so cool! Love how many photos you were able to get on this one page.
    OMG!!! Seriously?? You live in an amazing part of the world... I am still in awe of your ice flow page and you post this!?!? Unbelievable.... Love the big picture... makes it so much more understandable to someone like me who doesn't see much of Alaska and how you gave us so many close ups... even the babies!!!! Love how you put you and the girls in as proof of your sighting!! What a fascinating piece of the world and what a fascinating view into your life... thank you!
    Oh, wow!! How exciting! I am so envious! Great photos and I like how your design lets the photos take front stage. Fantastic layout.
    Wow! Awesome picture as the background and love the arrangement of pictures on the top. Great journalling!