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The King's Beloved Sister


& 2012 Eden

The King's Beloved Sister

I've been scanning some of my Dad's wonderful art prints. This one is Holbein the Younger's portrait of Anne of Cleves which was commissioned when Anne was Henry VIII prospective 4th bride. The marriage wasn't a success and it was annulled. Henry was grateful that Anne didn't contest the annulment and she become known as The King's Beloved Sister.

PWR_SG December 2010 Fancy Paper
SM_Cupids Grunge Brush
BMU_Parisian Lace
HWO_Beaded Cross
KSC_BeautBotan Frame
Flergs_Flower Elements
Fonts: Baroque Script and Royal
Old Zinc Bevel 2

    This is lovely Eden. I think I read that, before he met her, Henry VIII had been tricked into thinking that Anne was beautiful, possibly by this painting?! The reality was apparently quite the opposite. I suppose Holbein's creation was a 16th century version of a "Photoshopped" picture! Great LO. Love the blending with the bg paper.
    This is a wonderul layout! I love what you have done with these art prints. I wonderful if Anne of Cleves is in your genealogy line?
    What a beautiful work of art, Eden! This is just so lovely - you've done a fabulous job with it!
    Wonderful......I like the blending
    Beautiful, Eden! What a work of art, indeed - such a gorgeous creation. Your blending is lovely and I love the mystical quality to your page. I like how you show photo pieces in the smaller pics - like the marriage broken apart and the way you placed the rosary woven around them. Really a lovely layout. I so enjoyed looking through it. :)
    Beautifully done! I especially love the richness of the patterns and the way you excerpted parts of the print. The elaborate jeweled rosary makes a great embellishment. Gorgeous page!
    Wonderful layout. Something really different. Love it.
    Beautiful work of art on your part. You ought to frame and hang it!
    Wow, this is so creative!. Really love the main photo and background and also really like the smaller photos on old world paper. Beautifully done.
    This is stunning! I love the overlay of the lace/fabric. And the close-up shots are wonderful. Thanks for the background info on the painting. It would be great to include that info with the LO (even on the back or on a separate piece of paper hidden if you don't want it to show) for others in years to come to know about. Great job.