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p52 week 29

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An up and down week this week...








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Ohhh.. So sorry for your "down" Jode but glad to see those sweet smiling faces! Gorgeous smiles, blue tongue and LOVE that FONZIE! :D

Love the way your template looks as always and your great photos and descriptive words. Wondering about that "dragon" gift and your descriptive words are great. Lovely two-pager...

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Ooh that blue tongue! I hope it goes back to regular color before he graduates and looks for a job. :lol:

I always enjoy seeing your Proj SG pages. I like how you've covered part of "preparation", sorta cancelled part of it out, I guess. I recognize some of the photos; others are quite intriguing. So sorry about the "down" part of the week.

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I like that you scrap your feeling. Wish I could. I hope things go well from here on out. I always love your layouts.

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I have another project 52 page of your like this in "Favorites". I LOVE your design with all the little photos, tags, fonts, directions, etc. I haven't heard about why you needed surgery, but I hope the cancellation means your health is on the upswing. :)

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