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Monday Challenge T is for teacher


Hilary Locke

Monday Challenge T is for teacher

Oh dear - this challenge could become addictive! This LO makes a pair with the one I posted about Lowry. It was amazing to come across Pierre Valette, this (to me) unknown French Impressionist in Machester's Art Gallery. The gritty, grimy realism of his painting is a far cry from what I recognise as impressionism. Look him in Wiki if you have time. TFL



Valette paintings from Manchester City Art Gallery postcards

Photograph of Valette from internet

    Wow, I impressed. I know nothing about art and don't even know what

    'Impressionism' means but I do know it is lovely. I love the blended photo and found your journaling very interesting. I like the title. Super layout.

    Love how you blended one of the images into the background and your title. I've not heard of him, but I love impressionist paintings, need to find out more on him.
    Wow - lovely page. Wonderful photos and such interesting journaling - I learned a lot! Your title and blended background is beautiful. Great layout. :)
    Interesting layout and journaling. I am getting ready to the Carnegie Art Museum soon; I will keep my eyes open for this guy! Love the greyed out photo as your background.
    I think you have a great "template" for showcasing these artists and their work. You could do a series with this format. Love it....scrap lift!
    His work is wonderful - I love the urban impressionism. Wonderful gray misty background, and I love the muted colors of your title. Thanks for all the good info, too, and for sharing this!
    Lovely creative page! You display the artist's work well with the simple, striking design. I also like the blended photo in the background, the wonderful journaling and the title. :)
    I love the muted "old world" look of this layout. Great job.
    Beautiful. I too love the muted 'old world' look of these paintings. Love the large painting that you used for the background. Wonderful page.