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1984 Olympics - Los Angeles

1984 Olympics - Los Angeles

So, not really MY Olympic memories, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use these photos. :D

Sorry the journaling is hard to read I usually split double pagers, but was kind of in a hurry. I may edit it when he gets home and sees the page. I just remember what he told me when we met almost 28 years ago.
Journaling: Bobís father worked with the Olympic Committee when the Games came to Los Angeles in 1984. He arranged a volunteer spot for Bob filming the Track and Field Events. Bob watched as Carl Lewis won 4 gold medals. He saw Edwin Moses get his second gold medal in the 400 m hurdles. The judges used the footage they captured to clarify fault in the collision that injured Mary Lou Decker who was expected to win a gold medal. Bob enjoyed watching Olympic history unfold through the zoom lens of that video camera.

Thanks for looking!
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    Wow! Great photos!!! I can't read the teeny tiny journaling ... are these family photos? Did someone you know attend? I remember watching the opening and closing ceremonies that year!! Can't forget that someone flew into the stadium with a jet pack! And, I seem to remember 84 grand pianos playing during the opening ceremonies. Love the LO and the placement of all the photos ... but then, again, I always love your LOs!
    Fabulous April. I was living in Los Angeles when the Olympics came to town. I was among the crowds watching as the The Olympic Torch came down the street near where I lived. It was an incredible event. Didn't think to take photos of it.

    Those are fabulous photos and I love your journaling.
    Wow! Thanks, April! What an amazing experience for Bob!!! So many amazing moments he witnessed and filmed! Thanks for taking the time to post the journaling ... I was so curious! :)
    Wow is right! What an amazing job to have. Fabulous job!!
    Wow! I'm glad you scrapped this experience!
    How wonderful is this LO! It brings back so many memories. I was at the 1984 Olympics working as a summer missionary in LA and saw it all unfold for three months prior to the Games.
    I did get to see some track and field events, but not any finals or medals ceremonies. We sat on the curb outside the stadium and watched the fireworks of closing ceremonies... Sad that it all came to an end. It was such a beautiful stadium and was such a fantastic experience. Your LO captures the drama and color so well. Thanks for sharing!
    Zola Budd was expected to win the gold medal. I suppose it depends on the point of view of South Africans or Americans. As you know, Zola ran barefoot and Mary's shoes spiked her in the back of her leg. Zola says she could have gone on to win the race but felt it would not be fair and slowed down. This is what she said in an interview last month. She is running again and took part in the Comrade's Marathon.
    Enough about history. I love your photos and the two page layout. It must have been fantastic to be there.
    WOW, I heard you talk about this event April, but am so glad to see the layout! Amazing photos and so exciting to think your husband was there! I so enjoyed looking through them and readig your journaling as I remember watching the events you wrote about on tv! Super layout! :)
    This is such a wonderful layout spread. No wonder your DH was all smiles! :)
    What an amazing story! Great journaling! I like all the photos you used, too! Very special page!