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Team Spirit


Hilary Locke

Team Spirit

The Olympic Torch Relay has certainly brought our country together. The turnout, even on days when the rain reached monsoon levels, was phenomenal! This is tribute to all those who got a drenching! Go TEAM GB! TFL

Olympic rings and Olympic torch from internet
Ripples made using PSE Filter

    AHhhh.. Super page, lovely sentiments and wonderful photos! :)
    I love your sloshy, wet photographs and their great, puddly refections! Wonderful misty gray background, too. The Olympic torch and rings look bright and cheeful against them. Brilliant way to capture the mood! Go team!
    Wow-that's a lot of rain! I like the way you framed the three photos and have the Olympic rings behind them!
    Love the puddles with the reflections, under your photos, love how you added the torch and rings. Wonderful way to show how much we are supporting the games.
    Yup, me too ... love the puddles with reflections!
    Soggy but dedicated! I love the bright colors against the grey.
    Love the ripples! That is definitely dedication! And something they will always remember. I really like how you used different colors in your journaling!
    You have certainly captured the moment here. A layout tells a thousand words. The water effect is fantastic.
    What a cool layout - I love the ripples, the reflection, the way you did your journaling AND your precious soggy photos!