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Team Spirit - MUFC

Team Spirit - MUFC

Football is considered by many to be our national sport, and I'm sorry to say my DH and kids (not Ben) support Manchester Utd. These photos were taken in May 2007, the first year Lauren and Matty saw them win the title.

I used ACU_SSDLO-Album_12x12_MultiPhotos_Lifted6 for the frames and rearranged them.


Badge and football are from the internet.

    Love the BG and the stars. Great photos :)
    Ahhh.. Such wonderful photos - I love the looks on their faces! Really like your background, too! Great layout. :)
    I really like the arrangement of photos and the stars and sparkles underneath them! Great background too! Well done Valerie!
    Ooh... love that red! I must check out that collection. You've made it look terrific.

    Cute photos! I especially like the stars sprinkled up the page, as well as the grungy layered background. Lovely!
    Fun, colorful and energetic! Love the LO of the photos and all those stars flowing across the page!
    You put together a great backrgound. Such a nice mix of pictures, too.
    What an awesome experience this must have been for them. I love your photos and the background paper. Great arrangement of the photos.
    Love the arrangement of the photos - so much life and movement.
    What fun photos! I love the background and quote at the top.
    Valerie what a fun layout - I love your quote, your journaling AND the lifted frames you used for your precious photos!