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Relay Scrap

Relay Scrap

We ended up doing a challenge where we each suggested something and ended up with this list:

- 5 photos= all taken from our trip to Aboriginal cave paintings whilst at the Flinders Ranges in March, one blended, 3 blocked and one used as a background
- at least 1 golden ring = aged with a rust style
- 3 ribbons = 2 long striped and one little checked
- 1 paragraph of journalling
- a photo of something at least 200 years old = the aboriginal cave art is well over 200 years old


Think I have everything... :-)

    Gosh, Jode. Gorgeous and SOoo interesting! Wow and you said there was nothing "old" in your country? I loved reading your journaling and learning more about the Aboriginal paintings and symbols. How beautiful and thought-provoking it is to see them. I really like how you arranged your wonderful photos and your cluster is beautiful. Your blending is gorgeous and the warm colors you used just perfect for this page. Spectacular layout -- gold medal for you! :D
    Love your journalling and explanations, wonderful photos and blending. Love the cluster too.
    This is a really beautiful LO, Jode! Love the colors you have chose and the embellishment cluster is perfect. I really enjoyed reading about these Aboriginal cave paintings!
    Very interesting and pleasant. Really pretty!
    Very cool photos! I love the page -- you did a great job with all the tough items that needed to be included. This looks wonderful!
    Came out so pretty! I love it!
    Looks fantastic!
    Very interesting layout. Love the background.
    I love the embellishments you chose! Beautiful photos and layout!
    Very cool layout Jody - I love the embellishments you used, your colors AND all your photos especially your blended aboriginal cave art one!