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FInish Line Chat - "Sweet Girls"

Well, not my best layout but I need to get to sleep!

I did use three ribbons... And, it IS posted before midnight.. Whew.. "Nite all ZZzzzzzzzz



For this layout I used:

JRA SS Embellishment Templates: Masks Watercolours

BMU B Sweet Collection Biggie

BMU Shabby Fabulous Collection

SNU Font Witty

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Love those photos of those gorgeous girls!! I love how you wound the ribbon around the arm... your masking works well and really draws attention to the photos... I like how you used 3 different kinds of ribbons too.... pretty page.

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Marilyn, they are so sweet. I love the pretty photos. Your ribbons are great and the blending just perfect.

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What sweetie-girls! I love the way the little one's arm goes over the pink bow. Gorgeous blending and lovely background, too. You did an amazing job in such a short time!

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Sweet indeed - I love your oob arm over the ribbon AND the black and white blended photo --- what a couple of cuties!

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