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I hope I have this in the right place now!

This is from the club April Cafe Sorbet collection. It was a quickie but I think I like the simplicity of it. Feels a bit heavy on the right but I'm not yet sure what to balance it with.

And my daughter is usually a sweetie but was posing for this shot ... though we do see glimpses of attitude (what parent of a pre-teen doesn't!?)

Font is called times and times again.

    I like the layout a lot. I think the balance is fine. Great pose!
    This is very nice -- it has a simply, uncluttered look, nice use of the elements. It really focuses on the photo.
    I really like it, too! Neat photo of DD! were you in BUcharest for fun?
    The kids were visiting their Grandma; I had to work so didn't go on this particular trip. Hubby took the two kids and their aunt and uncle went with them, so it was a family reunion of sorts.
    Looks great!

    Oh, that look! I remember giving my mother that look! LOL!
    You have an eye for mixing colors. Nice. Leslie
    I think your balance is fine. I like how the column is able to continue even out of the picture ... that won't make sense to you, I know LoL If you had something on the left side or on top, I wouldn't get that image. :)

    PS: I gave that look to my Mom the other day ... yet, I was safe because we were talking on the phone LoL