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Pentathion Layout

Pentathion Layout

Journaling:Marco just lovesshooting with his bowand arrow. He saved all his money to buy his own. He hits the bulls-eye every time



    Love all the circles and the placement of everything, love the photos too, good for him.
    Perfect new collection to compliment your pictures! Great layout.
    Wow! This really has energy and movement - love the circles behind the big bullseye and the the arrow trail to the small bullseye. Marco must have a natural talent and sounds like it is a real passion for him.
    This turned out great! I love the photos and the journaling, and I especially like all the arrows in a circle. Great page!
    Fun layout! Great peppy colors and repetitive circles.
    Wow, if this wasn't the perfect collection for these photos. Love the photo placement. He looks like he is very good at this sport!
    wow that is a hard target to hit! Marco has skill. Your layout is fantastic!!!!
    I spotted this earlier on my teeny tiny phone screen.. and had ot come back for a better view... what a wonderfully energetic page... I love how you used the archery kit here... the target with the repetitive circles - the yellow one placed behind, the star brads, the arrows over the top... Your photos are terrificl and I really enjoyed getting to see what Marco can do... I look forward to seeing him in maybe the 2020 games? This is wonderful, both him and your page :-)
    Cool layout Belle! Wonderful photos and I Love how colorful this page is. Good for Marco, too! :)
    Congrats to Marco for his expertise and to you for your lovely page! I like the archery elements, especially the arrows leading to the target. The border is eye-catching, too.