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Pentathlon Event - Rain Puddles

Pentathlon Event - Rain Puddles

Had a lot of fun with this challenge!

In the Spring, we
get quite a bit of
rain which puddles
up in one area of
our yard.It didn’t
take you too long
to discover that
each time it rains,
you have all these
wonderful places
to go play in. So
each time we had
a rain shower, I
could always find
you waiting at the
back door chanting
‘outside'. Usually we
would wait for the
rain to pass, but
occasionally, we’d
head out and play
in the rain as well.

SM Out in the Yard Collection
AWI Dynamic Brush Paper Piercing 8201
LD Personality Font

    Great layout! I love the photos, especially those muddy splashes! :lol: Perfect dirt-brown background, and I love how the droplets go down the page to your title. Super fun!
    Adorable page! Little boys and muddy puddles seem to go together. The alpha and paper colors go wonderfully with your pictures!
    How cute is this?! Love the "action" photos! It's a delightful LO and just makes me smile! He is SO adorable!
    How awesome it is for him to play in the mud and water. I love your cute photos, the word art and bg papers. Really lovely layout.
    Cute photos and layout! :)
    Teresa how adorable is this layout - I love the way you did your title, your journaling AND your precious puddle photos - love it!
    OMgoodness, what cute photos of the muddy little guy:) You created a wonderful scene!
    Congrats on your Pentathlon win!