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Team Spirit - Maine

Team Spirit - Maine

I used the following:

Holiday Lights, From The Desk Of AND U.S. States - Maine by Brandy Murry
Lifted Photos by Melissa Renfro
Scenic Route by Angie Briggs
Photos From The Internet


    This is an outstanding layout. Clipping the photo to the state is a fabulous idea. And I love how you have tucked the two photos under the string across the page. Well done!!!!
    Great layout! I especially like the large photo clipped to the state map. Lovely all around! Good for Joan -- I remember reading about her.
    Great photos and layout. great memory too.
    How wonderful! GREAT LO! I was at the 1984 Los Angeles games - as a college student who was volunteering with a ministry all summer long. It was an amazing experience and you've captured this event fabulously!
    LOVE this! What an amazing and inspirational story! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo inside the state of Maine!
    Everything about this layout is fabulous - the photos, the creative use of the state shape and the unbelievable story that goes with this incredible athlete. Love this.
    Great page, Sherry! Love how you used the Maine state shape to crop your pic! :)
    Wow, great photos. I love state mask that you used to clip the one photo. Lovely arrangement of the photos and interesting journaling.
    Lovely page! I like your design with the state-shaped close-up photo in the middle. The white background paper makes your photos pop and your journaling is great, too.
    The state shape really turns this into something special. I love how you've used it. Such an exciting page.