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Joplin - Team Spirit

Joplin - Team Spirit

This subject may be off the mark and is still a little too close to home to work on without becoming emotional. We live close enough that everyone has some sort of tie to Joplin. Teams from all over the country still spend time and money working to help the people recover. They are very strong and resilient and will be even better when all is said and done.

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    This is so striking. I tear up looking at those pictures. Your journaling below the images is powerful. So is the verse you chose. I LOVE the rays of light and the way they also spread onto the outer frame/background.
    Thankyou for sharing this page which you have put together so lovingly and with such powerful words used on it.
    Gorgeous, striking page! I like the scripture quote you added. Very strong, touching photos! I love the classic feel, the star/sparkle, and the black and gold color palette. Wonderful!
    Powerful images beautifully scrapped. I love everything here but especially your list of words below the bottom photo and, most of all, the ray of light.
    Beautifully done, I don't know what else to say.
    Powerful page, Betty. You really did a wonderful job with this...
    This must have been so devastating for the people involved. I love your layout and as Marilyn said, Powerful.
    This is a great example of team spirit applied in a way that really counts and makes a difference in peoples lives. Well done!
    Betty what a touching layout - I love your description of your page, the black and white blended background photo AND all your other emotionally touching photos --- stunning!
    Wow, that photo stole my breath. What a shattering moment. Your photos tell the story of devestation and hope. I too love your sunbursts, rays of light for hope.