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Pentathalon - Kiara

Pentathalon - Kiara

I enjoyed playing along. It was my first time doing a progressive/slow scrap :)

Kiara stayed with Noelle and I for about 10 days, while her family went on vacation. It was different having such an active kitten in the apartment. She kept us very entertained! Kiara was also very cute, cuddly, and loveable. She was a lovely houseguest!


    She looks like our cat Milo, she's really cute. I love the stitched circle and the ribbon cluster. I also love your title.
    I love the way you put the photos inside the circle frame. The stitching is lovely and I love the soft colors. Cute little mouse.Great bg paper.
    What a great layout, Theresa and I love your photos! Funny thing is when I saw this I thought, "Hmmmm.. Wonder if Noelle had a friend over?" :D
    I really like the collection you used and your title is great and really brought me into the page.
    Love the oversized alpha on this layout!
    Cute, Theresa! The cat is lovely & so are the colors you used. I like the design, too with all the square photos in the circle.
    Darling page, Theresa! Love these pics of Kiara and the paw paper super cute!!!!
    Looks like Kiara had a great time hanging out with you and Noelle --- I love the way you did the title, your paper layers AND all of Kiara's pretty photos!
    This turned out awesome! I like the 4 photos within the circle and the gently flowing ribbon (she'd love to bat at that, lol).
    Lovely layout. Kiara is a beautiful kitty and she looks quite content and at home in those adorable photos. Love the background paper with all the paw prints on it and that stitched circle mat that you used to frame the photos. Love the ribbon with the hearts and mouse. And I notice that in the bottom left photo, Tiara has her eye on the ribbon.