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Equestrian Quote Challenge

Equestrian Quote Challenge

Nothing like sliding in at the last minute... and I was at the chat 12 hours ago lol!!!
I looked at lots of sports stories and even tried a page about Darren and I... but I really got thinking about the onemindedness side to success and ended up here... Band Aid was as successful as it was because it was innovative and focussed and led by the very charismatic Bob Geldof, they achieved levels of financial aid that goverments just couldn't comprehend at the time. This to me is ONE HEART.


    I remember that, like it was yesterday. Love how you put the page together, perfect use of the quote.
    Very interesting. Great photo and arrangement.
    LOL...so I looked and thought, what an eclectic group...then I'm like, wait, is that Lionel Richey?? Then I got it! ;)

    Love this Jody! I like the way the bw photo is the main focus, but yet there is so much else going on. Very well done!
    WOW, that is GREAT, Jode.. Lovely page and wonderfully blended photo. I enjoyed your journaling and it brought me back to that time. ALso really like all the many different pieces you used and the bits of red along with the black and white. Super layout. :)
    Great choice, Jode - the bits of red look good with the black & white.
    Jody I love your take on the quote challenge --- I love the embellishments you used, your journaling AND your blended black and white photo!
    Fabulous page and tribute to Band Aid. They did help to raise humanitarian aid as an issue we should all consider highly important and raise lots of money in the process. At the time my heart belonged to Bono...there is still a very soft spot there for him now.