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Push yourself challenge

Push yourself challenge






I pushed myself to work in the CHANNELS pallet, something I avoid, did the background of Gene using one of the channels - mask etc.

Thanks for the Challenge April - I had to push myself to learn something new.

    This caught my attention as I always enjoy watching movies with Gene Kelly - Brigadoon being a favourite one.
    This is a good looking page. But I must check into what this "channels" is all about.
    Love the pictures, blending and the background paper. I also like the chain and trinkets. Pretty layout.
    Great pictures of Gene Kelly beautifully scrapped! I like how you keep to the neutral theme with touches of silver --- very classic. The little not under the title gives a glimpse of you! I don't know what the channels palette is either.
    Oh Andrea, wonderful page! Your blending work is brilliant and I love your insets... I don't think us PSE users have the channels pallette hence the confusion... but it looks like a lot of fun... you tweaked this perfectly....
    Looks fabulous. I need to show this to my dd who is a big fan. :)