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HNC Push Yourself - Siblings, Friends

HNC Push Yourself - Siblings, Friends

I had problems with this challenge, I got so caught up on trying to work out what my style was, I couldn't get anything done. In the chat I settled on picking a photo and seeing what happened, this is what I came up with. It does feel similar to some of my other layouts, so it must be me.

Anyway this is Lauren, Matty and Ben from 2004.

Supplies used

BMU_SS_EMBTmplt_ThreadBare_V Stitch,

    Sweet, sweet, sweet! Very good, Valerie.
    Oh, gosh Valerie - that photo is just so sweet! I love the colors you used around it and the stitching behind the pic. Lovely page. :)
    The kids are so cute and the layout is beautiful. I love that color & the blending from solid to flower.
    Lovely! I like the papers behind the photo stitched onto the page. The colors are gorgeous! The flowers below are a perfect match for the ones above. The blending of darker blue to creme on the background paper is striking, too!
    Ever so pretty! I love the papers and the way you stitched them down right behind the photo, which makes the ‘space’ look like an embellishment all its own. That photo is fantastic, too. Three fantastic smile, but all three are completely unique.
    this has a definite Valerie feel to it! You do the most wonderful embellishments and your photos are always very expressive... i like your colour palette and your graduation of the background... definitely a success!
    Sweet photo. I love background and the color. Lovely layout.
    Very pretty Valerie! I love the colors and the photo is super cute. :) Great job!
    I love the stitched pieces behind the great photo.