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8/1 HNC - Here Comes the Bride Doll


© Sue Maravelas

8/1 HNC - Here Comes the Bride Doll

For this challenge, I tried to make a layout unlike my usual style and attempted an art journaling style. I don't think this truly is that style, but it is definitely outside my comfort zone. It took me MUCH longer than an hour, but I had fun playing with different styles, overlays, masks, fonts, etc.

Liz surprised me one day with my old bride doll that she had stored for years while we lived I Japan. I was completely flabbergasted!

Tags: Giggly girls; 3 times the fun; Blast from the Past; What a HOOT!; Playing dolls

A New Day (frame modified, some papers used as overlays) by Jen Reed; Come One Come All (alpha 1) by Jen Reed; Butterfly Kiss (alpha 2) by Jen Reed; The Messenger (notebook paper, tape, re-colored) by Jen Reed; Messy Paint Frames Brush Set by Jen Reed; Play the Net (picture photo mask) by Jen Reed; plain feathered photo masks for papers using GIMP; Fonts: Gourdie Cursive, Desyrel, Croissant, Gourdie Cursive, Elephant, Great Vibes, Kristen ITC Semi-Expanded, Harrington, Showcard Gothic, Stamp Act, Pea Katie, WC ROUGHTRAD Bta, Waterfalls, Vivaldi Italic Condensed, Calvin and Hobbes, bulkyRefuse Type

    I love, love love the style of this page- the freedom with meaning! A.J. style SUCCESS!
    So cool! Love the color strip with the variations in hue of all you happy gals. Fun page.
    I like the grunge you added with all the colour... i like the tape and the words strips too... it looks collage-y, great fun page!
    Love the photos and your layout. The word art is great and I really like the grungy look.
    This is wonderful. I like the strip of photos and the painted look. Great job with the challenge!
    I love the grunge, tape, etc. Also the photo strip in different colors.