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Greetings from Oz


& 2012 Eden

Greetings from Oz

So much fun!

SNU_OZ Papers, Embellishments and WordArt
SBD_Flirtation and Fidelity Frame
Fonts: Harlow Solid

    And SOOOO cute!
    Oh, Eden, this is fabulous! You are so creative!!! I never even thought about anything outside the box like this! Great job on the challenge!
    This is a great looking postcard.
    Love that retro/vintage feel with the border and cardboard effects... you do such artistic work... looks like a fun place to visit hee hee... and I like the possibly unintended play on words :-)
    I recognize this - it's right next door! Love the vintage Oz.
    My goodness, how creative! I like the Oz characters and the fun title, too!
    Simply gorgeous! Perfection!
    Such a fun card, wonderful.
    Such a fun card. It's really great.
    Eden this is great. Love those OZ characters and the concept of visiting Oz and/or your own creativity.