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Sat. 8/4:Broken Arm, Unbroken Spirit

Sat. 8/4:Broken Arm, Unbroken Spirit

Here's my account of when Marissa broke her arm back in 2008. Just thinking about her attitude through that ordeal inspires me!
Marissa, you crashed your scooter at the bottom of the driveway. I walked down to help you and knew instantly that your arm was broken-your pallor was grey, and you looked like your right arm had two elbows. Dad and I took you to the hospital, where they twisted and turned your arm in X-ray, poked you with an IV, and splinted your tender arm. You never cried once. Finally, you just couldn’t take it anymore and drifted off to sleep.

Diagnosis...broken arm...above and below the elbow! Well, that certainly did not stop you! After the rough night in the hospital, you got back to business, sporting a splint, then a purple cast, and later a pink cast. You chose to write with your left hand in kindergarten, continued to play hard with your brothers, and even competed in as an orange belt in a tournament! You proved that a broken arm doesn’t have to break your spirit! November-December 2008

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    What a great little trooper! I like the way you've scrapped this with the journalling & embi's! =)
    Poor little mite! what spirit and what courage she showed. Fabulous double pager. Thanks for sharing.
    I love the double page - colors are great. Poor girl - they love it in the end usually.
    What a wonderful and inspiring story and a fabulous 2-page display of the ‘memory’. Love the shades of red/maroon and blue that you used for this challenge, too.
    A very nice two page layout. Love the journaling, especially.
    What a great spread and terrific journaling. Marissa is adorable and seems to have a great spirit too!
    She has great spirit to be back in the thick of things after her accident! Great job scrapping - love the gauze embellishments and your great journaling!
    Awww. She was a trooper. I think I even cried in xray when I broke my arm a couple of years ago. LOL I love the gauze strip bridging the pages. Wonderful journaling to chronicle the event. Thanks for participating, Julie.
    Gorgeous as always, Julie. What an inspiring story. Kids amaze me! She seems to be one remarkable girl.
    What a sweet story. I like the way you have the photo with her smiling and showing her cast. It really shows that she triumphed over adversity and it sounds like it was a really nasty break. As she gets older, I think she will like seeing how brave she was. Seeing my kids hurt was always the hardest part of parenting for me.