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Our Kind of Place RHS

Our Kind of Place RHS

Left to right across the two layouts are 7 years of photos, I have photos from earlier years, but they are in the "to be scanned" box. We go to the same place every year because we know, whatever the weather there is something to do that all of us will enjoy.

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    What fun photos --- lots of happy memories in these.
    My sister & her family have had 'their place' for a number of years. It's nice to know what to expect while still getting away from the daily routine. This is pretty I like the frame & the pretty background paper.
    Wow - what a fabulous way to capture a whole lot of memories and put them on display. I find multi-photo layouts very difficult to pull off, but you did it beautifully!
    Great journaling on here and I love the variety of photos!
    Love the photo cluster and the paper and embellishments behind it. Perfect!
    Great layout! I think the paper/embellishments you used perfectly features the photos without distracting from them or making the page too busy. You're giving me ideas to use photos that span years....Lord knows I have thousands of photos waiting on me!!! :welldone4jb: