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Gulf of Alaska

Gulf of Alaska

This page is a scan of a hybrid page depicting an unfortunately memorable day - at least for me - during our 2009 cruise. Not your typical vacation page. The Spirit of Oceanus is a small ship, accomodating about 100 passengers. DH took the photos; the journaling (below) explains what I did! Since it was printed on a transparency, it casts its own shadow, and scans with a blur.

SG supplies: DMI SSTools-Type Path-Waves used for journaling; SBA_SSStyle-Basic shadows, applied to top layer of title.
Other supplies: Fonts: Arial Bold & Bradley Hand; Core'dination cardstock - background; Bazzill cardstock - blue-gray waves; dotted wave paper from unknown source; Grafix Transparency; Epson photo paper

The waves were handtorn, then layered. The flying bird (albatross) was handcut and attached to the top of the transparency after printing the journaling. I modified the title with PSE's warped text tool, then clipped to a wave photo, and a shadow added. I added a stroke to a duplicate layer, filled it with aqua, and put it below the text.

On July 31, the Spirit of Oceanus sailed - churned, rocked, rolled - her way across the wide, heaving Gulf of Alaska.
Dave spent the day on deck, photographing multitudes of sea birds, including black-footed albatross, northern fulmers, & marbled murrlets.
Jo spent the preceding night & all day horizontal, drugged with Dramamine, occasionally braving verticality to observe the gray ocean.

    I really like the handtorn effect. I'm going to hunt around to see if we can create a brush or bevel that would give a similar look digitally.
    This is really great. I too love the what you have done in accenting the waves with the torn edges and clipped papers. What a great effect...like sea spray.
    This is amazing how you used the wavy lines and the torn paper strips to give the feel of the sea-very creative and just perfect the waves of journaling :)
    Poor Jo! I love the movement of your page with the waves and the photos are great!
    Awesome job of transferring this from a hybri page to totally digital! Sorry you had a bad experience but your layout of it is wonderful!
    Very creative layout, Jo! Love the torn paper waves. I would have been right there with you drugged out on Dramamine. I almost got seasick just reading your journaling. ;) LOL