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SG Club, Class of 1958 (left)

SG Club, Class of 1958 (left)

I attended my 40th high school reunion this past weekend. I was Class of 1972, but my sister was Class of 1958. Since this was a multi-year reunion, I took along my Flip Pal Scanner and found her class photos from 10th and 11th grade, and a club photo in the yearbooks that were on display in the Memorabilia Room. I already had her senior portrait, but these others were were a wonderful 'find'!

Left page:
JRA_HomeSweetHome (AUg. 2012 SG Club)
GLTC_Jr_Alpha_upper_e_red (non-SG),
Font: Tropicali Script BTN Bamboo,

Right page:
JRA_HomeSweetHome (Aug. 2012 SG Club),
Font: LD Mothers Typewriter,
Flip Pal Portable Scanner

    How fun to be able to scan these - and smart to tote a scanner with you to the reunion.
    Wonderful pages Becky and I really like how they look together. Love the large portrait and Letter you used and I really like your sister's name in the envelope. Great work. :)
    What a fabulous two-pager. I love the large photo here with the wonderful school letter. Wonderful results with your Flip-Pal.
    Wow, both of these layouts are very special. The photos are fabulous and I love the black and white against the red. Wonderful!!!!
    Beautiful Heritage pages. I love the bright red and the big initial.
    Great 2 page layout and so nice for your sister. The colors look great. Were your school colors red and white? Love the big letter.