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You Are Unique 8/12 HNC vibrant colors

You Are Unique 8/12 HNC  vibrant colors

Tried to stay with the vibrant colors but can't put my finger on why I keep thinking something needs to be changed. Could be that the eye has no place to rest. CC welcome.

AFT Jubilant
ASO Styles Loose Glitter
ASO Styles Cathedral Glass
BMU Zoomba
BMU Bewitched
DEB Fascination
SNU Styles Glitter Edge
STI Antiqued

Details in EXIF

    I think this is really fun. Love that photo, the two of them hamming it up having a great time! Bright happy colors too. I also like the ribbon joining the layout together. I must get those glitter edge styles I love them.
    I like this! Your photo and framing is great and I like the sparkle trail. I also really like your title and how cheerful and colorful your page is. Wonderful layout. :)
    Ha ha ha...funny love the photo and colors.
    Really cute photo and I love the way you scrapped this page. The mirror looking frame is great!
    Fun photo and great title. I love the circle frame, ribbon and colors.
    What a fun photo. I love what you've done with the ribbon. Great job with the challenge!
    Fun page! I like your bright colors. The title is especially wonderful!
    Wonderful photo, I like all your layers and the title.