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Vecka 27 Aj aj aj

Vecka 27 Aj aj aj

This is a LO I didn't want to make but since this was the most important thing happening that week I had to put it in my project 52...
Only six weeks earlier I did one when Frazze was bitten I don't have anymore pets so I hope this is it for a long while!

Translation of the journaling:
"Axl (our neighbour's dog) put his paws on the fence so it fell down. To scared dogs got together. Of course it was the small one that got in trouble.
Poor Zigge spent the whole day and evening at the animal hospital"

I used Brandy's General Hospital

    Poor, poor baby!!! I've been there and it's horrible! Glad he/she will be ok. And good job with the LO.
    Yikes -- that's quite a bite!!! And you found the strength to scrap it, which is surely something. TFS!
    Poor baby is right..I hope all is well now! I know you must have been worried.
    Poor doggy! It's not fun doing these types of layouts, but you did a lovely job scrapping this.
    I hope the doggie is okay now. It really looks sore. Not a fun layout to do but well done.
    Oh poor pup! I hope he is healing well now! I do like your blending and composition tho!
    Oh, poor Zigge! I hope you don't have any more pet emergencies this year! The layout is great -- I especially like the title.
    Poor Zigge. the layout is great, and I like the emergency collection you used.