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Aug 11 - Color - Merry Go Round?

Aug 11 - Color - Merry Go Round?

Jax's first time to the Merry-Go-Round. He is my first so I must be forgiven for not realizing this could be a tramatic experience for a child...who knew?

Darby really liked the Merry-Go-Round. She calmly went up & down with the motion & music. When asked to look at the camera & smile, she was gracious & happy to do so. What an angel.

Oh boy, Jax really did not like the Merry-Go-Round. I was surprised! I loved that scaly blue SeaMonster-Horsey and could not believe that Jax was scared of the motion but I also think the scaly monster he was strapped to. After many going’s round I finally got the strap loosened & freed Jax from his mini-nightmare! Ah, the perils of motherhood.

JRE_PirateCode_ribbon3 copy

    Great treatment of the photos, the curled edged are perfect! Love e stapled ribbons, especially the tucked one on the right. And the bracketed journal blocks..inspired!!
    How cute. Poor little guy. Love how you mixed so many colors with the 2 colors of the challenge.
    How cute. Poor little guy. Love how you mixed so many colors with the 2 colors of the challenge.
    Cute layout, great use of the brackets to highlight the journaling.
    What a fun layout. Love your journaling and the curled photos.
    Wonderful journaling! Yes, why doesn't motherhood come with (detailed) instructiions? I'm glad Jax survived the clutches of the scaly blue monster -- and that you got the photos. I like your use of the brackets and the touches of sparkle.
    Poor little guy. Great journaling. I love the curled photos.
    I like the curled frames, and the folded ribbon with the cluster. I really like the background too.
    Awwww.. .. Funny story then, but I bet it wasn't then huh? Your journaling is wonderful and I love how you placed it on either side of the photos telling its story. Also really like your curled photos, colorful title and pretty background - complete with sparkling stars! Great page. :)
    Poor Jax. I'm sure he was happy to get off the Merry-Go-Round. Cute photos and great journaling. I really like the curled photos and the background paper. Your colorful title is so Merry-Go-Roundish, if that's a word. Great layout.