Maeve will be a year old in two weeks! Hard to imagine. Here she is with a toothy smile again.




AFT Forget Me Not


BMU SSPaper_DieCut-Love

BMU ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Emboss and Engrave Super Biggie

EBA SSStyles_ATCShadows12601

SBA SSStyles_BasicShadows

Font LDJ Mothers Typewriter


(Edited update: re:several photo treatment comments. I first added levels and curves adjustment layers and played with the blending modes and the opacity. Then I added a black and white adjustment layer on the top, which I often do, and changed the blending mode until I found one I liked, then adjusted the opacity and fill until I arrived at this point. I use PSCS5. It's fun! Don't know the exact specs on this picture since I flattened it, but I just tried it again and got different results with a bit more color, but using the same procedure.)

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Awesome detail. I love the slightly sketchy look to the photo, the dangly hearts, the word art overlay. Styled just perfectly. Love it.

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This is wonderful. Maeve has such an adorable smile. The adjustments you made give it a neat, artsy look. I like the way you have tilted the photo and placed your journaling and charms.

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Love this! Great background paper and I really like the photo off to the side. Those charms look awesome, like you could just grab them off the page. Beautiful!

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like what you did to the photo...very artsy and looks great with her in her hat... love the embossed words on the paper and the white space showing off this great photo ...good shadows for the chains with charms

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