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Aug 13 - Left Side - Play Time

Aug 13 - Left Side  - Play Time

We loved placing little squeak fish and duckies in the tub for Jax, and on his head, sometimes 2 at a time if he would let us.

PSE-10 effect - Blue Ghost around photos

    Such sweet photos. This is such a lovely collection for bath photos. I love the photos stacked on top of each other and the bubbles inbetween.
    Oh my goodness, that is so totally adorable! As is Jax! I love how you wrote on the bubbles too.
    This is adorable!! Bubbles bubbles everywhere! Jax's silly facial expression in the second photo makes me wonder what thoughts are running through his head. Thanks for joining the challenge.
    Oh, gosh this is so adorable! Your photos (& Jax) are so precious and I really like how you stacked them on top of each other in different sizes. The bubbles floating all over the page and pics are just wonderful! Super page. :)
    This is soooooo adorable! What a sweet page and cute as can be photos!!! Love everything about it:)
    My, what a talented son you have! I must practice that trick in my next bath. :D

    I LOVE this layout! The pictures (and Jax) are adorable, and I especially like how there are just loads of bubbles floating up the page. The little duckies and the shampoo are just perfect!
    Sooo ADORABLE! The toy fish balanced on his head is just too cute! Love everything about it!
    How cute is this? What a little cut-up. I like the way you embossed the photos (I think that's what you did) - they look great with the bubbles. Love all the little duckies and your word art. Great page.
    Love how you sized all the photos and lined them up. All the bubbles and ducks. Nice layout.
    Love the arrangement of your photos - very harmonious use of embellies as well. A fave!