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Summertime-8/13 Left Side Challenge

Summertime-8/13 Left Side Challenge

As a celebration of National Left-Handers Day, and since I am one, I felt compelled to enter this challenge. I did have to force myself to put things on the left since I'm used to having to do things just the opposite.

ABL Waters Edge
BMU Countryside
DMI Edgy

Details in EXIF

    Oh Bet... I LOVE it! Great LO - everything I love about it. Posted Image
    Now THAT's the way to spend the day! Reid sure looks comfortable. Wonderful photos (yup; they are on the left; I checked. :lol: ) and I especially like the whole peaceful feel of the colors and the soft blended fish. The cattails make a great embellishment to the page, too. Lovely!
    Surely the epitome of relaxation. How wonderful that he can do that, and that you were there to share it. Love your lake scenery with cattails and fishies.
    What a GREAT layout and photos! Truly looks relaxing and I like how Reid spent his day! Wonderful background and embellishments and me too- lefthanded! :)
    I'm glad this was a bit of a challenge for you working on the left side of the page. I like the background blending with the photo and papers, and simplistic embellishments that don't distract from the photos. I wish I could spend my summer relaxing like Reid!! Looks comfortable :)
    Now that's my idea of a day well spent. Love, love, love the photos. The large blended one is great and the fish just perfect. This kid knows how to 'chill'
    Cute, cute photos! Are you sure he didn't pose for the title of your layout? Nice job.
    Wonderful page! I love your photos! The simple design using only a few well-chosen elements is very effective in keeping attention on the photos. Great word art title and wonderful blending!
    What a lovely page Bet - I love the fish in the BRH corner - an inspired touch! Your title says it all.
    Beautiful page Bet. Love your title and it fits this page so well. This is a great way to spend a summer day. Just drifting along with the tide. Love the paper with the fishes swimming under the water.