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597 Oakwood

597 Oakwood

This is one page in an album I am creating for my daughter. Since I have just started, and she is 28 now, I have a long way to go!

    Love the fade on the edges to place the pic in the frame! As much as I love the overlay, I had a hard time with picture placement in it.

    What a great idea for a layout too .... is this a "where you lived since you were born" layout?
    This is stunning ! Love everything about it!
    Fabulous work!!!
    Very elegant. Nice work.
    What a great memory for her! Super!

    P.S. You can stretch the overlay by adjusting Scale if that helps, folks!
    Love it! Love how you used the house number!
    Oh my gosh! This is a good one. I suddenly remember the address of the house I grew up in. 70 West 100 North. I had forgotten it until this very minute!

    I need to do this myself.
    The way this is laid out is cool. Leslie
    I really like this idea...I'll need to whip out some old house photos to do the same for my kids! TFS!
    FANTASTIC! Love the picture not staying in the frame :) and your blending ...