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Rikus loved his brothers, he loved his teddies', he loved fishing and he loved when people told him jokes. He was a happy little boy and he touched the lives of everybody he met. Stefan, the farm worker that left the poison on the kitchen table spoke at the funeral. He was crying so he could hardly make himself understood. Stefan is 23 and his mom and dad are close family friends of Natasha and Basson. The Pastor could hardly say a prayer because he was also crying. Michael and Ian, Rikus's brothers sang and Michael spoke to his parents. It was the saddest funeral I've ever been to.

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    Beautiful. Heaven has a new Angel.
    Oh Belle what a precious layout you have created in remembrance of Rikus --- I love the way you blocked all of his precious photos! Your description made me cry AND please know that you all are still in my prayers, I just cannot fathom the pain everyone involved is feeling! hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Oh, Belle my heart breaks for all of you looking at this precious little boy. You created a special tribute and treasure about Rikkus and I truly feel his spirt and essence looking through your page. It sounds like Rikkus was a true angel in life and now in heaven. Thank you for sharing his presence and telling us about his stay on earth and his tribute. Thinking of you....
    This is beautiful Belle. My heart aches for your family.
    What a wonderful, heart-wrenching page. Such a beautiful boy. We still have all his family (yours included) on our prayer chain. Thanks for sharing your memories and hoping grief shared is a little bit of grief eased.
    What a beautiful boy, such a sad loss. My heart and prayers go out to your family.
    What a very sad story and such a tragic end for that dear boy. Tears in my eyes as I type.
    Oh Belle how sad. your page captures this little boy so nicely... hope you are sharing it with his family. My prayers for them.
    can't fathom that kind of grief. stephan is way too young, may the Lord heal his broken heart and give him a new life with a new mission, God be with both families. Thank you for posting the LO........may the Lord lift you up too. Grieving is the hardest work, sometimes it is so painful to swallow.
    What a wonderful tribute you have created--overflowing with your love and showing his spirit so well. My heart is still grieving for you all, including that poor young man that has to live with this the rest of his life, just as your family does. Still praying that the Lord will give y'all the strength to live with this tragedy.