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Life as we know it

I probably got carried away - a little introspection on my Project SG


I used ASO White Linen for the back ground

JHI SS Embellishment special = the lace

The book is from BMU Chronicle

The bottom word art edging AFT Life Montage


Journaling reads: I spend a lot of time with my hobbies. I enjoy photography and especially Scrap Booking. I have at times gotten caught up in on line challenges ... take a picture a day ... scrap book a page a week or a month...however it is that you can capture everyday life But I wonder who really will care what my everyday life is like. Who besides myself will read through these scrap books? Will someday they just end up in some box ... or worse some dumpster? This month I have spent oodles of time creating a gift scrap book to take to the Shortall family in Ireland when we go.

I have traced family lines, and looked for old pictures and letters. How I wish Mary Tierney would have written down what it was like to cross the ocean headed for a new country. She moved to Kilkenny, MN when it was all trees needing to be cleared. She lived in a cabin at first with her husband Patrick. She had to leave during the Sioux Uprising and go to safety in St Paul. She was pregnant and gave birth to Johns grandfather while she was there. We are not sure if she was with other women and children at Fort Snelling or if she had family in St Paul she could have stayed with. Was she scared? Were they separated when the baby came? I wish she had written her thoughts down. I wish there were baby pictures. It makes me wonder if at some future date a great grand child might be thinking I’m glad my grandma was a scrap booker that she kept a photo journal. Perhaps there will be someone glad we recorded life as we know it.

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Very interesting journaling. I do family history and some of the same hobbies you do. I like the way you have presented this heritage photo and information.

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Dynamite page! Wonderful journaling. Very thought provoking; encourages me to do more journaling on my LOs. Well done.

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